The saxophone quartet n[ex]t move  was founded in July 2011 by the saxophonist Inga Meijere. The musical performance of the quartet radiates positive energy through charm and attractiveness that is both musically and visually satisfying.

The repertoire of n[ex]t move has been created so that every listener will be able to find a style of music that they like.

Can be seem as the continuation of the n[ex]t quartet that was formed in 2002 as the first ladies’ saxophone quartet in the Baltics. Inga Meijere, a founding member has composed and arranged original music especially for the quartet since its inception.

The n[ex]t move quartet consists of:

  • Inga Meijere – soprano, alto saxophone, Director;
  • Baiba Kuzmina – alto saxophone;
  • Katrīna Kivleniece – tenor saxophone;
  • Anete Levica – baritone saxophone.